5 best magnet fishing kits for all budgets UK

5 best magnet fishing kits for all budgets

The great thing about magnet fishing is that all you need is a rope and a magnet. The easiest way to get these is in a magnet fishing kit. Magnet fishing kits contain a magnet and a rope that will go well together so you don’t have to worry about picking them yourself. They are typically better value than buying a rope and magnet individually. They usually come with either single or double sided magnets, and magnets range in strength from around 50-2000lbs.

If the magnet fishing kit that you buy doesn’t come with thread locker, I recommend buying some so the eye bolt on your magnet doesn’t loosen over time. I also recommend buying a heavy duty carabiner if your kit comes with a normal carabiner, or doesn’t come with one at all.

Best magnet fishing kit under £15

This magnet fishing kit is the best kit under £15. The magnet has 330lbs of pulling force and comes with 33 feet of rope. If you want to try magnet fishing and aren’t sure if you will enjoy it (you will!) then this would be a great option. It would also do well as a child’s first fishing magnet as it is not too strong.

This kit is also great to buy as a backup magnet fishing kit. This will allow you to bring friends magnet fishing, or try and recover your main fishing magnet if you drop it into the water.

Best single sided magnet fishing kit under £30

This Uolor branded kit is the best single sided magnet fishing kit under £30. It is the ideal kit for someone who is getting into magnet fishing for the first time. It has a pulling force of 250kg and a rope that is 20m long. In my opinion, 250kg is the perfect strength for a fishing magnet. It is right in the sweet spot of pulling power and price. If you aren’t sure about what is the right kit for you, this is the one I recommend.

Single sided magnets are perfect for magnet fishing from bridges and docks, but work well anywhere. If you are mainly fishing from high above the water (from bridges, into wells etc.) then I would recommend you get a single sided magnet.

They are generally stronger than double sided magnets for the same price. Double sided magnets usually give their strength as the combined strength of the two sides, which isn’t realistic as you will only be connected to your finds with one side at any time.

Best double sided magnet fishing kit under £30

This Wukong branded kit is the best double sided magnet fishing kit under £30. It comes with a set of gloves and has a combined pulling force of 350kg. This means each side has a pulling force of 175kg. The rope is 20m long. This kit comes with two eye bolts, so you can attach a backup line so that in the case of your rope failing, you won’t lose your magnet. This is a nice feature to have, especially at this price.

The magnet in this kit is double sided, which means that you can catch objects with both sides. This is perfect for magnet fishing from a bank of a river or canal, as when you throw the magnet out and pull it back, the magnet is on its side magnetic surface. If you aren’t sure whether to get a single or a double sided magnet, I would recommend just buying one suitable for where you think you will go magnet fishing. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter a whole lot which one you go for.

Best magnet fishing kit under £75

This Muctuactor branded single sided magnet fishing kit is the best magnet fishing kit under £75. It comes with a 600kg fishing magnet and a 10m rope. This is a very strong fishing magnet at a reasonable price.

This kit is suitable as an upgrade from a weaker magnet fishing kit, a kit for an enthusiastic beginner, or as a secondary magnet fishing kit. This kit provides both the value for money of cheaper kits and the strength of a more expensive magnet fishing kit.

This kit comes with thread locker already applied, so you don’t have to do it yourself. This is a nice touch and shows that this is a quality kit. If you do buy this kit, I would recommend buying a heavy duty carabiner to replace the one it comes with, as it doesn’t lock.

Best magnet fishing kit over £100

This is the ultimate magnet fishing kit.The kit comes with a magnet, a 20m rope, thread locker, a carabiner and a carry case. The magnet has 545kg of pulling power which is an insane amount of force. It is made by Brute Magnetics, a well established magnet fishing brand

I would not recommend this magnet for complete beginners, as if you get it stuck, it will be just too hard to remove. It is more hassle than it is worth for novices. However, if you have bought one of the cheaper kits on this list and you are looking for an upgrade, this is the kit for you.

This magnet will have enough power to pull almost anything out of the water. If you are an expert that is looking to take their magnet fishing to the next level, this is the magnet for you.

The carry case that this magnet comes with can be very useful. It gives you a way to safely transport your magnet without damaging anything, which is very convenient, especially for a magnet this strong.


I hope you found a kit that suited you in this article. In my opinion the best value magnet fishing kits are the Muctuactor and the Uolor kits, as they pack the most strength for the price. The ropes that they come with are also high quality. While only a rope and a magnet are essential for magnet fishing, there are some accessories that I highly recommend buying. You can click here to go to our article on the Top 5 Magnet Fishing Accessories.

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