Recommended Products

On this website there are a lot of articles about different products we recommend for magnet fishing. While we have individual articles that go into depth on each product, we thought we would put them all into one place so they can be found easily. These are amazon affiliate links, so if you purchase a product through them, we will get a small commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting our website.

ItemAmazon USAmazon UK
Single sided500lb Fishing magnet250kg Fishing magnet
Double sided1200lb (combined) fishing magnet400kg Fishing Magnet
Climbing rope2200lb climbing rope500kg climbing rope
Paracord550lb paracord550lb paracord
Carabiner6700lb carabiner2600lb carabiner
Complete kit1200lb+ kit660lb kit
Grappling Hook770lb hook with rope770lb hook with rope
Glovesheavy duty rubber glovesHeavy duty gloves
Recommended products