How to go magnet fishing

how to go magnet fishing

Magnet fishing is a hobby that is rapidly growing all over the world. But how do you go magnet fishing? Well that is exactly what I will be covering in this article. I will tell you where to go magnet fishing, how to go magnet fishing and what you need. Magnet fishing is remarkably simple. All you require is a rope, a magnet and a body of water. I am assuming you already have a rope and a magnet, but if you don’t, then you can click here for an article I did on the best magnet fishing kits.

Once you have picked the magnet and the rope, the last thing you need to do is pick the body of water you will go magnet fishing in.

Where to go magnet fishing

Magnet fishing can be done in essentially any body of water, from a well to the ocean. What is key to your magnet fishing success is to pick the right body of water. You should do some research before you pick a spot to go magnet fishing in. You can check the history of the area, the amount of people living in the area and so on.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when picking a location. Touristy areas are always good for finding phones, cameras and jewellery. Rivers, canals and ports with a lot of boats can be good for finding knives and other interesting finds. Under and beside bridges can be good for finding things people dropped or wanted to stay hidden like knives, safes or even guns. In these busy areas, I recommend magnet fishing at off peak times.

One thing to keep in mind is that the more rural your magnet fishing spot is, the less things you will potentially find. While it will be much more quiet, you might not catch as much. This might not hold true if the waterway is used regularly for transport. Many people go magnet fishing in urban areas, there is just much more stuff to be found. There is no harm though in just getting out to a local body of water and dropping in your magnet.

How to go magnet fishing

Once you know where to go magnet fishing, the last thing you need to know is how to go magnet fishing before you can get out there and go magnet fishing. It really is not that hard and is quite intuitive. There are two main techniques you can use when you go magnet fishing.

Drop and pull technique

The first magnet fishing is the simpler of the two. It works best when done off a bridge or dock. Essentially, what you do is drop the magnet into the water and then lift it out. This is ideal for wells. A lot of people, once they have dropped the magnet, walk along the bridge or dock, making the magnet do little hops along the river bed while they walk. This is preferable to dragging as it is less likely to get stuck and it is less damaging to the magnet.

You can then repeat this, each time throwing the magnet slightly further away from the bridge or dock. You should make an imaginary grid in your head, and try and cover it all. You can then repeat this on the opposite side of the bridge or dock.

Throw and pull technique

The throw and drag technique is in my opinion, more versatile than the drop and pull technique. It is done from a river, canal or lake bank. What you do is you throw the magnet out into the water from the bank. You then pull it back towards you along the bottom of the water. You should try not to let it drag too much as it could damage the magnet, but instead try pull it towards you in short hops. You can repeat this going up and down the river.

What to do when you catch something

If you catch something small, you can simply lift your magnet out of the water. Then you can just remove your find from the magnet.

If you catch something a bit bigger, I recommend dragging it towards you and then pulling it up until it is just out of the water. You can then grab it with your hands and pull it out of the water. You should do this because if you remove it from the water fully, any water trapped in it will make it heavier, dragging it down.

There are a few things you can do that will help you get those really heavy finds out of the water. Going magnet fishing with friends is a big one. Extra hands are always helpful when dealing with heavy finds. They can then connect to it with their magnets and help pull it out that way.

Another big help can be a grappling hook. Grappling hooks enable you to get a second, firm point of contact with a find. They are invaluable with removing difficult finds, and if you don’t already have one, you should consider buying one.


Now that you know how to go magnet fishing, what are you waiting for? Get out there and go magnet fishing. If you are new to magnet fishing and want to find out more about it, you should check out our Ultimate Magnet Fishing Guide. While all you really need to go magnet fishing is a magnet and a rope, there are some magnet fishing accessories that can come in handy as well. Click here to see an article we did on the top 5 magnet fishing accessories.