6 Best Places to go Magnet Fishing

Best places to go magnet fishing

Magnet fishing can be done in essentially any body of water. But what are the best places to go magnet fishing? This is an interesting question and depends on many factors including what you want to find, how busy it is, if there are any bridges or overpasses etc. For example, a fishing spot will be good for magnet fishing if you want to find lures and rods, but won’t be as good if you are hoping to find a safe. In the same way, a busy city won’t be the best place to go magnet fishing if you are hoping to find historical relics.

Near Bridges

If someone is going to throw something that they don’t want to be found into a river or canal, chances are that they will throw it off a bridge. It is also common that people drop things into the water as they are walking across a bridge. This is why bridges are such great spots to go magnet fishing from. There is simply much more to be found than at a random spot on a river or a canal.

There are other advantages to magnet fishing near a bridge. You are able to choose where to go magnet fishing, from the bridge or from the river bank. This adds a bit of variety to your magnet fishing. If it starts raining, you can just go magnet fishing from under the bridge and avoid getting wet.

Bridges are also very convenient places to go magnet fishing. They are beside the road, so you can park your car right beside your magnet fishing spot. This makes it easier to bring your finds back to your car, and you can leave any spare magnet fishing kit in the car. This makes going magnet fishing easier, making you more likely to get out there.

Tourist spots

Tourist spots also make great magnet fishing spots. There are a lot of reasons for this, and in my opinion, they are one of the best places to go magnet fishing. This is due to plentiful finds as well as other factors.

Tourist spots are often very scenic. This makes them a great place to spend your time magnet fishing. They are often more hygienic and cleaner than typical magnet fishing spots such as urban canals. Think about it, there is a reason why tourists choose to spend their time in these locations.

When you go magnet fishing in tourist areas, you are likely to find phones, cameras and money. You will probably also find other dropped items. The sheer amount of people going through the area is one of the best things about these spots. This means that there will hopefully be a lot of finds.

One thing to be careful of when you go magnet fishing in a tourist spot is the time. You don’t want to be there at the peak times during the busy season. You should try and plan your magnet fishing trip for a time when it isn’t busy.


Fishing docks in my opinion are the best places to go magnet fishing. They are usually easily accessible by car, and the dock is a great place to go magnet fishing from. You could also do a bit of regular fishing before you take out the magnet.

You are likely to find knives, lures and hooks as well as maybe even a rod or two. These finds will be very useful if you fish or know someone that does. You should be able to clean any rust off the lures with a little vinegar so you will be able to use them to go fishing. This could save you quite a lot on fishing gear.

One thing to be careful of when magnet fishing, especially when magnet fishing at regular fishing spots is not to go magnet fishing near regular fishermen. You will disturb the fish and they probably won’t catch anything. This is inconsiderate and if you are ever in this situation, I recommend you find a different spot to go magnet fishing.

Because of this, when magnet fishing at regular fishing spots you should go at off peak times so there aren’t any people fishing. It is especially important to wear gloves to protect yourself from sharp hooks and knives


Wells are some of the best places to go magnet fishing. Because there is no flow of water, everything thrown or dropped into them over the years will still be there today.

Wells have been used as wishing wells over the years, so depending on the magnetic properties of your countries currency, you might find some coins, both new and old. You really don’t know what you will find though.

If you go magnet fishing in a well, you should make sure that whoever owns the land that the well is on gives you permission. They will probably be happy to let you take any old dirty objects out of their well. You should clean your magnet and rope before going magnet fishing in a well because you don’t want to pollute the water.


Busy harbors are some of the best places to go magnet fishing. All of the boats coming and going mean a lot of things are dropped into the water. You can go magnet fishing from the harbor itself or from a pier nearby.

You are likely to find knives, coins and fishing lures when you go magnet fishing in a harbor. There might be ropes tangled with your finds, so make sure to bring a knife to cut it with. There could also be a lot of scrap metal at the bottom of the water. You might even get boat owners asking you to pick up things that they have dropped.

Avoid magnet fishing too close to boats using the harbor as your magnet could stick to them. You should try and go magnet fishing in harbors at times that aren’t busy. This will mean you aren’t constantly pulling your magnet out and waiting for boats to pass.

If you are fishing in a sea harbor, you need to take extra care of your magnet. The saltwater can cause it to corrode faster than freshwater. You should wipe down your magnet thoroughly after every time you go magnet fishing.

From a Boat

Magnet fishing from a boat is one of the best ways to go magnet fishing. It gives you a lot of freedom about where you go magnet fishing. You are able to go magnet fishing in a river, a canal or even the sea.

It allows you to reach spots that you couldn’t have reached without a boat, and therefore spots that probably haven’t been magnet fished before. This will enable you to get rarer finds.

When magnet fishing from a boat, you need to be careful of hitting your magnet off the side of the boat. You should try and raise your magnet slowly and at arms length to avoid this.


While magnet fishing in some spots might be slightly better than in others, the main thing is that you just get out there. There is no one best place to go magnet fishing, but a number of the best places to go magnet fishing. At the end of the day, the best places to go magnet fishing are the ones near you.

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