4 best magnet fishing kits for all budgets US

magnet fishing kit

Buying a magnet fishing kit makes starting magnet fishing easier. They are perfect for a beginner just getting into magnet fishing or for a seasoned treasure hunter who wants a bit more power. They often offer you better bang for your buck, and are typically better quality than most standalone magnets and ropes. They also sometimes come with a carry case.

If you are just getting into magnet fishing, you won’t need anything in addition to the kit but you might want a pair of gloves. In case you need more info on magnet fishing accessories, you can check out our article here to see our top 5 recommended magnet fishing accessories.

Best Magnet fishing kit under $30

This is probably the cheapest you will be able to get a rope, a magnet and a grappling hook on the internet. The magnet has an combined 530lbs magnet which is plenty strong for any beginner. It comes with its own gloves, although at this price, you cannot expect them to be very good. I would recommend a set of water resistant gardening gloves, which you probably have lying around your house anyway.

At $30 you cannot go far wrong with this magnet fishing kit. Even if you use it a few times and decide magnet fishing just isn’t for you (not likely!) then you will still only be out 30 bucks and you could just give it to a relative or friend who might enjoy using it.

It comes with thread locker on the bolt already, so you should be good to go out of the box. The magnet is double sided and can be run as a single sided magnet so you have plenty of options depending on how you intend to use the magnet.

This would be a great magnet for a kid as they won’t be very strong anyway so 530lbs is more than enough pulling force for the magnet. This kit is also cheap enough that if they don’t like magnet fishing (again not likely) it won’t be the end of the world.

Best magnet fishing kit under $50

This is a very strong magnet fishing kit at a good price. The strength of the magnet comes in at 1700lbs combined, which means there is 850lbs of force on each side. This is more than enough for the vast majority of finds. Larger finds than this will be very rare. If you already have a strong fishing magnet, this would be a good backup magnet fishing kit, or a kit to introduce your friends to magnet fishing.

This kit includes thread lock and a scraper, so you won’t need to buy anything else for your first time magnet fishing. Gloves would be a good buy but aren’t absolutely necessary.

This magnet is 94mm in diameter. One downside of this magnet fishing kit is that the stated tensile strength of the rope (550lbs) is less than the pulling force of one side of the magnet (850lbs). This means that in theory, if you connect with a piece of smooth, thick steel without rust, the rope will snap before the magnet lets go.

In practice, the pulling force of the magnet could be overstated slightly while the strength of the rope could be understated slightly so this probably isn’t a big issue. You will probably never find a smooth piece of steel underwater that is anchored to the ground anyway. The only way I can see this becoming an issue is if the magnet connects with a beam of a bridge or something similar that is out of your reach.

Aside from this issue, this is a very strong magnet at a good price. I would recommend this for a beginner or someone who is looking to upgrade their magnet fishing gear.

Best magnet fishing kit under $75

This magnet fishing kit is made by Brute Magnetics, a well known brand in magnet fishing circles. This means you will get a higher quality product than cheaper magnet fishing kits but you might have to pay slightly more. This magnet is single sided and the kit comes with thread locker. The kit also includes a hard-shell plastic carry-case.

This kit would be good for a keen beginner or someone who wants to upgrade from a weaker magnet. The fact that it comes with a carry-case is very helpful, as it prevents the magnet from sticking to things when you are transporting it. I would recommend this magnet for anyone from beginner to expert. A seasoned magnet fisherman might also like to buy this as a backup magnet fishing kit, in case his main one breaks, or to loan to a friend.

Best magnet fishing kit under $100

This is a very strong magnet fishing kit. If you enjoy magnet fishing with a weaker setup and feel you just need a bit more power, you should go for this magnet. Beginners could also get this kit, but they should be cautious about how leaving it close to any ferrous metal surfaces, as it will be a nightmare to remove if it does stick to them.

This kit includes a pair of gloves so you have everything you need to go magnet fishing right out of the box. The box is padded and will protect your magnet well. With a magnet of this strength, a carry-case is particularly important, as if you get it stuck to something while you transport it, it could be almost impossible to remove.

The magnet has a steel shell, to protect the neodymium magnet inside and a corrosion resistant coating. Your kit should hopefully last for decades. The manufacturers claim that the loss of magnetic strength per 10 years is no more than 2 percent.

The rope is 10m long, which should be enough for almost all magnet fishing spots. For high bridges, some wells and fishing from a boat in the ocean, you might need a longer rope. However these are rare scenarios and it is easy to change the rope out for a longer one.

I would definitely recommend this magnet fishing kit as it strong, durable and practical. If you can afford it, this is an excellent bit of kit.


All of these magnets will be enough to get you started with magnet fishing. If you are new to magnet fishing and want to see our complete guide, click here.