5 Best Fishing Magnets for all Budgets US

best fishing magnets US

Magnet fishing is a hobby that is rapidly growing in the US. This fishing magnet buying guide has all the information you need to buy a magnet and get started. I will go over the best fishing magnets for sale in the US. If you want to buy a magnet and a rope together, you can check out our magnet fishing kit buying guide here.

Buying Guide

Fishing magnets come in a variety of strengths. Generally, the stronger they are, the more they will cost. The ideal strength for a beginner is around 500lbs, as it will be more than powerful enough and well priced.

A magnet that is too powerful will be hard to remove from finds and any metal it attaches to. Fishing magnets come either double sided or single sided. Usually single sided magnets are more powerful for the price. For a beginner I would recommend a single sided magnet. Both types of magnet will work fine anywhere. Typically single sided magnets are best for fishing from bridges or docks, and double sided magnets are best for fishing from the bank of a river or canal.

You should always wipe your magnet straight after you finish magnet fishing as it will prevent corrosion and make it last longer. This is particularly important if you are fishing in saltwater as it can corrode your magnet quickly.

If the magnet you buy doesn’t come with thread locker, then you should buy some separately. It prevents the eyebolt of the magnet from loosening over time. The eyebolt of the magnet is important as it is what you attach the rope to.

As well as a fishing magnet, you will also need rope. I recommend a climbing rope like this one, as it is strong and comes with carabiners. You want a rope that is as strong as, if not stronger than your fishing magnet. If you buy a strong rope like this to begin with, you won’t have to buy a new rope when you upgrade your magnet.

Best Fishing Magnet under $15

This is the best fishing magnet under $15. It has a pulling force of 500lbs and is 2.36 inches in diameter. The magnet is resistant to rust and corrosion and is triple layer coated. This magnet is ideal for beginners due to its strength and cost. This is also a great magnet to buy as a secondary magnet or if you want to get your children into magnet fishing. You won’t have to pull with 500lbs of force every time you want to remove your magnet from something. The listed pulling force of a magnet is the force it takes to remove it from a piece of 1/2 inch steel.

Best Fishing Magnet under $25

This fishing magnet is made by DIYMAG. It has 600lbs of pulling force and is 2.95 inches in diameter. I recommend this magnet for a keen beginner. This magnet packs a bit more punch than the previous one, so if you think you can handle it, you should go for it. This magnet would be a good upgrade from a weaker magnet as well. The extra force will make magnet fishing easier and more enjoyable.

Be sure to keep it away from metal beams or poles, as if you get it stuck, it will be very hard to remove. Your best bet is using a combination of a rod, to lever it off and a hammer with a wedge.

Best fishing magnet under $35

This fishing magnet is made by Brute Magnetics, a well known fishing magnet company. They make some of the best fishing magnets available. This magnet has a pulling force of 600lbs and a diameter of 2.95 inches. These specs are the same as the previous magnet, however this magnet is of a higher quality and includes threadlocker. This holds the eyebolt firmly in place, so it doesn’t unthread This magnet would work well for an enthusiastic beginner or someone looking for an upgrade. 600lbs is a nice amount of pulling force as it isn’t crazy strong, but is more than enough for most situations.

Ordering from a reputable manufacturer like Brute Magnetics means you get better customer service, including a 100% guarantee. This means you can send your magnet back if you aren’t satisfied.

Best Fishing Magnet under $45

This is another magnet made by Brute Magnetics. It has 880lbs of pulling force and it is is 3.54 inches in diameter. This magnet is seriously powerful and would be a great magnet to upgrade to from a weaker magnet. I would not recommend this magnet for beginners as it will be too powerful to enjoy. A simple mistake, like holding it beside your car can be very hard to fix. You are better off learning with a magnet that is less powerful.

Best fishing magnet under $65

This is the ultimate fishing magnet. It is again made by Brute Magnetics. It has a whopping 1200lbs of pulling force and is almost 5 inches in diameter. It comes with threadlocker. With a magnet this powerful, you need to be very careful of how you transport it. A carry case is highly recommended.

If you want to take your magnet fishing to the next level, this is the magnet for you. This shouldn’t be your first magnet, but if you are experienced you will really get the benefit of the extra power of this magnet.

You should make sure your rope is more powerful than the magnet as you don’t want it to snap when you are retrieving a find. This is very important with an expensive magnet like this.


All of these magnets are excellent tools for the job. Which one you should get only depends on your budget and experience level. If you enjoyed this article, you should check out the 11 Essential Magnet Fishing Tips.

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