5 Best fishing magnets for all budgets UK

best fishing magnets for all budgets

The great thing about magnet fishing is that all you need is a magnet and a rope. In this article, I will review the best fishing magnets for sale in the UK. There are a number of things that make a great fishing magnet. Strength is only one part of it. A good fishing magnet needs to be durable, resistant to corrosion, have a strong eye bolt and be competitively priced. Some companies will overstate the strength of their magnets, so don’t base your decisions over strength alone. If you are a beginner, don’t worry too much about whether you should get a double or single sided magnet, just get a magnet that suits your budget.

Best Fishing Magnet under £20

This Uolor magnet comes with a free rope and carabiner. It has a pulling force of 160kg and is a single sided magnet. This is a great magnets for kids, as it is not too powerful or heavy. If you are trying to introduce children to magnet fishing, this is the magnet for you. If they enjoy it and want to move onto something a bit more powerful, you can then upgrade to a stronger magnet.

This is also a great magnet for a beginner, who isn’t sure if they will enjoy magnet fishing. It is only £20, so if you only use it a few times (not likely!) , it won’t be the end of the world. It’s relatively weak pulling force means that if you get it stuck to a metal beam, it will be easier to remove. This makes it more forgiving for novices. It is a great magnet to learn with, as if you make mistakes with a more expensive magnet, you could lose a chunk of money.

Another thing this magnet is great for is as a secondary magnet. If you lose your magnet while magnet fishing, a secondary magnet will allow you to try and find it. You will also be able to keep on magnet fishing despite losing your magnet. A backup magnet is also great for introducing friends to magnet fishing.

Best Fishing Magnet under £30

This Uolor magnet comes with a rope and a carabiner. It has a pulling force of 250kg. It has a corrosion resistant coating and is 75mm in diameter. This magnet is single sided. This magnet is perfect for a beginner, or as a backup magnet.

A pulling force of 250kg is ideal for your first magnet. It is the sweetspot of value and pulling force. You will be able to pull all but the heaviest finds out of the water, while not spending too much on your magnet. In my opinion, a single sided magnet is best for beginners. They are usually better value for money and have more pulling force. This is because the force of double sided magnets is listed as the combined pulling force of both sides. Each types of magnet has their strengths and weaknesses, but generally I recommend a single sided magnet for beginners.

The one downside of this magnet is that it doesn’t come with threadlock. If you are going to buy this magnet, I would recommend you buy some with it. It ensures that the eyebolt that you attach the rope to does not come undone over time. This usually happens just as you throw your magnet into the water, meaning you lose your magnet.

Best Fishing Magnet under £40

This Uolor magnet has a pulling force of 420kg. It is made by the same company as the previous two magnets, but is double sided instead of single sided. I recommend this magnet for enthusiastic beginners and people who already have a single sided fishing magnet and want a double sided magnet.

Generally, double sided magnets perform better when fishing from the bank of a river or canal, as the magnetic surface will stay parallel to the riverbed as you drag it towards you. A single sided magnet will perform better when fishing vertically, from a bridge or dock, or into a well for example. This is just a general rule though, both types of magnet will work just fine going magnet fishing anywhere.

Best Fishing Magnet under £55

This HHOOMY fishing magnet has a pulling force of 580kg. This is a lot of power, so I don’t recommend it for a magnet fishing beginner. This magnet is more suited for someone looking to upgrade their fishing magnet. This magnet has a triple layer coating to protect against corrosion. It is 120mm in diameter.

With an expensive magnet like this, threadlock is particularly important. You should make sure you get a strong rope that matches or exceeds the strength of your magnet. If you don’t your rope could break before your magnet releases. Another thing to be cautious about is putting your magnet near any ferrous metal surfaces. With a magnet as strong as this, it will be very hard to remove it.

Best Fishing Magnet under £85

This Brute Magnetics magnet has a pulling force of 1200lbs. This will allow you to remove almost anything from the water. It comes with threadlock, which is a nice touch. Brute Magnetics are known for making quality magnets so if you can afford it, this is a great magnet to get. Paired with some strong rope, this would be a very good magnet fishing setup.

I wouldn’t recommend this magnet for beginners, as it is very strong and expensive. You are better off practicing magnet fishing with a weaker magnet, then moving up to a strong magnet when you are ready. Additionally, this will make you appreciate the stronger magnet more.

With a magnet like this, you should take very good care of it. Wipe it down after every time you use it, especially if you use it in saltwater. While you should do this with every fishing magnet, it is particularly important with a magnet like this.


All of these fishing magnets are very good, but they each suit different types of people. If you go magnet fishing or want to start, make sure to check out the 11 Essential Fishing Tips. While you can buy a magnet and a rope separately, you can also buy them together in a magnet fishing kit. You can click here to see our guide to the Best Magnet Fishing Kits.

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