4 Methods to Make Money Magnet Fishing

4 methods to make money magnet fishing

While magnet fishing is a fun hobby, it can also potentially earn you a bit of cash on the side. In this article, I am going to give you a number of ways you can make money while magnet fishing. While you probably won’t earn enough money to quit your day job, you can still earn some cash while having a good time magnet fishing.

Selling scrap metal

Firstly, you can sell metal you find to a scrapyard. Scrapyards typically pay around 15c /kg for scrap iron. While you will not get a massive amount of cash, this is a good way of making money as you are selling what you would otherwise just discard. If you store up a significant amount of metal, you can go to the scrapyard and just get rid of it in one go. You are also doing the environment a favour by removing large chunks of scrap metal. This could cover your gas charges or a coffee quite easily. Another bonus is that it does not require any extra work, apart from an occasional trip to the scrapyard.

Starting a YouTube channel

Another possibility is setting up a YouTube channel. Many magnet fishing videos have millions of views as people love the anticipation and surprise of magnet fishing, even if they don’t magnet fish themselves. You can show to the world how much fun you have every time you go out fishing. There is a big audience for magnet fishing videos so there is a good chance your channel will do will. It is very easy to start a YouTube channel and to make videos all you need is a camera. Most phone cameras will work just fine. This is probably the option on this list that has the biggest potential for making money. If you enjoy making videos and being in front of a camera then this is the option for you. If you get 1 million views, you typically get around $7,000 from YouTube. While this requires a bit more effort than the other options, video making can become one of your hobbies in its own right and there are a lot of people out there making a living from YouTube.

Social media

Social media is another way you can earn money from magnet fishing. So called “influencers” make a living from Instagram and other platforms by showcasing their life and advertising products. This is not for everyone but if you already have an account, why not give it a go? Once you get a significant following, you may find brands reach out to you, asking you to show their product in exchange for cash. If not, you can try and reach out to brands yourself and see if they are open to working with you. While it can be hard to build up a following on Instagram, if you consistently post good content the followers should come.

Selling valuable finds

Another option to earn money is to sell your finds. While not everyone will want to do this, after all you did work hard to get them, this is a really good option if you have no real desire to keep them, or maybe nowhere to put them. These can be sold on local buy and sell websites or on eBay. If you find something truly extraordinary, you might want to sell it at an auctioneer. Some people, however, will find that their treasures and the stories behind how they got them are worth much more than they could ever sell them for. For those that are willing to part with their finds, this can get you a fair bit of cash, especially if you have found very rare items.


While most of these options will not get you rich quick, or get you rich at all for that matter, they should get you a bit of money, basically paying you to go magnet fishing and have fun. If you are trying to make a lot of money, I would recommend YouTube. If you don’t mind being in front of the camera, or spending a little time editing, you should give it a shot!